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Our 3 C's


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33% of customers won't commit without an extended warranty option. By providing our warranty, you increase your sales. Our warranty is distinctive, offering a 35-year coverage, setting you apart in bids and proposals. Plus, only a limited number of contractors per state can offer our warranties, positioning you in an exclusive bracket and reducing local competition.


Per Warranty  Bonuses for Volume

Earn an escalating percentage for commission on each warranty sold. These incentives offer tangible, trackable profit to your bottom line, directly rewarding your efforts and scaling up your earnings.



and Build Trust

 Statistics show that 47% of customers would opt for the warranty, yet 29% are never even presented with one. The assurance that a company is in it for the long run is a major factor for clients. By providing a warranty, you signal stability and commitment, making it more likely for clients to choose your services for their peace of mind.


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