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  • What is the scope of coverage provided by your solar system warranty?​
    Our warranty encompasses various aspects, including panels, inverters, optimizers, batteries (please refer to the terms and conditions), as well as roof penetration. All of these details can be found within our terms and conditions documentation.
  • Will you cover hail damage or damage by Natural Disaster?
    Hail damage and occurrences classified as "acts of God," such as natural disasters, will not fall under our coverage. It's important to note that we operate as a warranty provider, not an insurance company.
  • Is there a deductible?
    We are not an Insurance company, we do not charge deductibles.
  • Does the warranty cover removing the system if I replace my roof?
    Our coverage does not extend to the removal and reinstallation of the entire system. We solely provide coverage for the replacement of defective or faulty components within the system.
  • What is the process for filing a Claim?
    For assistance with filing a claim, kindly navigate to the dedicated "Claims" tab under our warranty section. Alternatively, you can visit for further guidance.
  • How does your warranty handle issues arising from manufacturing defects, installation problems, or normal wear and tear?
    We do not provide coverage for wear and tear. It's important to consistently maintain and handle your system with care. Our coverage is designed to address problems stemming from manufacturing defects and issues originating from the installation process within a 3-inch radius.
  • Do you offer any coverage for potential power output degradation over time? If so, how is this addressed?
    Do you offer any coverage for potential power output degradation over time? If so, how is this addressed?
  • What's the typical turnaround time for resolving warranty claims once they are filed?
    A representative will be in touch within 24 hours. The time it takes to resolve a claim depends on various factors, including shipping, the availability of parts in inventory, and labor resources.
  • How does your warranty handle situations where the original installer or service provider is no longer available?
    If the original installer or provider is no longer available during our coverage period, we will ensure that your claim is directed to one of our certified service companies for assistance.
  • Can customers choose their own repair or service providers, or are they required to use your authorized network?
    Customers are permitted to select their own repair or service provider exclusively from our list of certified providers. Opting for a provider outside this list will result in the cancellation and voiding of the warranty.
  • Are there any exclusions or circumstances that might void the warranty?
    Certainly, to understand the specific circumstances and exclusions that could lead to the voiding of the warranty, please review the terms, conditions, and exclusions section of our documentation. This will provide you with detailed information regarding these matters. ​
  • Are there any available options for transferring the warranty if the property changes ownership?
    Yes, the warranty is transferable, but please note that there is a cost associated with the transfer. To stay informed about the current transfer cost, kindly get in touch with us for updated information.
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