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Protect Your Investment

Solar solutions can be a significant financial commitment, often facilitated through loans, leases, or direct cash purchases. It's vital to trust in a certified Zeal Energy installer - one who's been thoroughly vetted and has garnered trust over the years. Our extended warranty serves as a protective shield for your investment, especially during those crucial gap years towards the end of your system's lifespan. Safeguard your asset and ensure its longevity.

Prolong Your Savings

The essence of solar lies in its long-term benefits. Unlike many providers that limit their coverage to 25 years, we stand by you for an impressive 35 years. By offering this extended warranty, we ensure that you continue reaping the benefits of your solar investment well past its financed years. Why limit your savings to just 25 years when you can enjoy them for a decade more? With our extended warranty, unexpected costs are a thing of the past, ensuring a consistent and prolonged saving trajectory.

Peace of Mind

Our extended warranty is more than just a service; it's a promise. A promise that we'll be there for you, every step of the way. Whether you decide to sell your house or pass on the solar system as a generous gift, the warranty seamlessly transitions to the new owner within its validity period. Such flexibility ensures that the benefits of your solar system remain undiminished, irrespective of its ownership. Rest easy, knowing that we've got you and your home covered for the long haul.

Why Purchase an Extended Warranty?

These 3 P's encapsulate our commitment to you, ensuring that your solar journey with us is smooth, beneficial, and worry-free.

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