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Solar Panel House

1. Certified: Zeal carefully verifies our partners to ensure they meet certain certification standards with licenses and insurance plus a strong brand and identity that reflects excellence. Additionally, they must have a good reputation and a history of community involvement.

Solar Panel House

2. Protected: When you buy a Zeal Energy Extended warranty, we're making sure your investment is protected. Your essential roof components are in capable hands. We're here for you and your family.

3. Trusted: We adhere to all financial regulations per state we are operating in. We set up individual Warranty reserves per state to insure our long-term growth and stability for years ahead.

Solar Panel House

4. Transferable: The Extended Warranty is transferable at any time of the ownership. Please Reach Out to Customer Service to be provided a form.

In essence, our extended warranty can step in to safeguard what your manufacturer might overlook. Our goal is to shield you from potential neglect or oversight. By protecting and maintaining your system, you ensure that it continues to serve you reliably. Remember, it's your power, and our commitment is to ensure it remains dependable and effective.

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